Sebastian Butt //webEnthusiast

In the 80s I started fiddling with Basic on my Commodore c64. I switched to PC to be able to play Prince of Persia and eventually dropped into 3D modelling for a few years - using 3d Studio Max and Photoshop. After my apprenticeship I found my place at a local newspaper where I adopted all kinds of technologies to face the broad range of challanges. Setting up Networks, doing Content Management and SEO, learning OOP, Livestreaming Mobile development and classic Print Design. Always questioning why we do stuff certain ways, striving more efficient paths to improve existing workflows.

Looking back at 15+ years of experience - Problem solving, automation and technology is what fills my heart with joy!

// Current Skillsets:

Full Stack Webdeveloper, UX/UI, Typography, SEO, Print/Digital Design, Photography/Video … and most other Nerd stuff

# Coding and Tools:

PHP, SQL, JS, HTML, CSS, common Frameworks
Adobe Creative Suite, 3ds Max, Atom, Total Commander
CMS: InterRed, fCMS, CCI, Wordpress

++ Things I enjoy:

Kerbal Space Program, Factorio, Oxygen not Included and Fallout 2!
Travel, Canon 5dMk2, prime Lenses, readable Code, Swimming, Nils Fram, Daft Punk, Bill Murray, clean Typo, Winamp and IRC!